Product illustrations that appear throughout the Drop recipes app. These images are designed to help users find their way around the app, get started with certain features, and generally improve user experience.

Hard-boiled striptease.

In 2015 Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by referendum. A project called Yes For Love asked designers and illustrators to create avatars in order to promote awareness on social media ahead of the big vote, and I was very happy to be invited to contribute.

A set of seven emoji, each representing one of the Drop company values, made for use by the team in the company Slack channels. Read the complete set of company values here.

My five favourite bridges over the river Liffey in Dublin, screen printed in rich blue ink onto light blue Fabirano paper, and available for sale in a limited edition of 30 through Damn Fine Print.

Selection of images posted to my Instagram.

A short looping animation made to celebrate the 5th birthday of Fundit, an Irish crowd-funding website. The brief was to visually demonstrate how Fundit only asks for 8% of the funds generated by any successful project.

Dawn → sunrise → day → sunset → dusk

An animated gif for an old version of the Drop 404 page.

Your apple is in progress.

O _ O

Floppy disks.

A notebook cover I designed as one of a set of four for Keep Sketch, a small Irish stationary project. The phrase means ‘keep an eye out’ or ‘keep your eyes open’ in Ireland.

Cover design for Issue 9 of The South Circular, an e-journal of short stories.

Wait for it...