Dave Comiskey

I’m a designer and illustrator from Ireland, specialising in digital product and interface design.

I currently work fulltime as a product / visual designer for Drop, a company that's changing the way people prepare and share food in the smart kitchen. I split my time there between interface design for mobile apps and websites, and general visual design work, specialising in illustration, iconography and UX Writing.

Previous to Drop, I was the Senior Designer in the Digital department of Javelin, one of Ireland's most established independent advertising agencies. For more information on my career and experience, please take a look at my Linkedin profile, or feel free to send me an email.

Outside of work, I always try to find time for side-projects to help me develop creatively. I enjoy experimenting with html and css, and designed and built this website myself, as I prefer not having to rely on a CMS. I also regularly create digital illustration work, both commissioned jobs and personal projects, which can be seen on my Instagram.

•   Product design
•   UX / UI design
•   Visual design
•   UX writing
•   Wireframing and prototyping
•   Design system management
•   Iconography
•   Digital illustration
•   Animation
•   Branding and identity design
•   Competent HTML / CSS

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