Drop Persona Poster

Visual Design / Print

A user persona is a fictional representation of a companies ideal customer. User personas have been proven to be extremely useful as a method of aligning company goals to the demands and expectations of their target audience.

Olivia the family manager

To help everyone in working towards the common company goals, Drop developed the user persona Olivia. Having researched different classifications of home cooks and their respective needs, the so-called Family Manager matched the persona that Drop's products could be of most benefit to. Family managers typically have busy lives, juggling careers and children, and are always on the lookout for helpful and healthy shortcuts to preparing nourishing home-made meals for their families.

Olivia on display

Having defined who Olivia is, and what her challenges and goals are, the persona was fleshed out with complimentary data that could potentially help anyone on the Drop team steer their work in the right direction. I was asked to design a poster for the Drop office walls that could serve both as a template for future Drop personas, and most importantly as an eye-catching reminder for us all of who we are designing and building products for.

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