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Javelin are a full-service independent advertising agency based in Dublin. In business for over 30 years, they are one of Ireland's most established agencies, with a roster of national and international clients from a wide variety of sectors.

Agency rebrand

To mark being 30 years in business, Javelin underwent an exstensive rebrand, all of which was handled inhouse. As Senior Digital Designer for the agency at the time, I was asked to redesign the agency website as part of this process.

Digital brand assets

The new Javelin branding had a bright bold red as it's principal colour, and a dark greyish blue as its secondary colour. I worked closely with the art directors and designers leading the visual side of the agency rebranding process to build out a suite of digital brand assets that could be used for the new website and in general agency communications, such as digital invoices and email footers.

The new website was designed with ample clear white space to avoid claishing with the rich variety of case-study visuals. The dark blue was used for text colouring throughout the site, with the bold red being preserved for occassional eye-catching accents.

User-friendly content management system

The agency website had been running on Wordpress for the last number of years, but had had an unfortunately high barrier of entry for any of the non-digital creative team to be able to contribute. As part of the new build, our development partners advised and helped us build a new and better backend, making it much more intuitive for anyone to create and publish new case-studies and articles.

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